Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Barack Obama hit 50% in national polls for the first time today, with the McCain-Palin ticket down to 42%.
The InTrade futures market is now offering bets on Palin dropping out.
Other tidbits lingering, her supposed "Troopergate" and a connection to the AIP, an Alaskan Independence Party who wants to secede from the U.S. I think Alaska should be allowed to secede from the U.S. after they invade Canada and take it over.

I heard Fred speak tonight. I liked Fred better on Law & Order.

Also, I ran 17 miles tonight. Why? Because I can.


Cory W. said...

What about Liebermann?

Anonymous said...

Oh hey, Forest Gump just called. He said he wants his psychopathic urge to run forever back.

Travis said...

I'm channeling the power of Gump right now.

Chad said...

Nice running...

From an outside perspective, Sarah P. was one weird choice. I don't know how she's going to win over those coveted 'independents Maybe McCain does that.

I heard the word 'change' a lot at during the convention.

Anonymous said...

Travis, thought you might like taking a peek at this website. Don't have your e-mail.

To: mrenner_49@yahoo.comfredbort@premieronline.net has sent you a link to 'Daily Show: Sarah Palin Gender Card' from www.comedycentral.com



Travis said...

Mary- thanks!