Saturday, September 13, 2008

Iowa over ISU

Today was the annual big game between Iowa and ISU. You probably know Iowa won, and W is all the counts in the end, but it was an interesting day. Mike Galles, Nicole and I met up with our old crew including Tate and Amy and had fun cheering on the Hawks in the rain.
Stanzi started, much to the fans delight. The pregame feel? Pumped. I think everyone expected us to run Shonn Greene, (above) about 35 times today. He did end up with his third straight 100 yd running game, but we let Stanzi throw the ball a lot.
STANZI TIME! Well, I hope this guy sold all his shirts before the game. Stanzi was benched by the end of the third quarter. I still think he will end up being the better of the two QB's, but he just wasn't ready today. Jake came in and led us to a 14 point lead and ultimately the win. Now, I think the fans were left with more questions about the QB position than answers.
Rain made things interesting, including the running game on the field. End result? Iowa wins, great day. I guess we'll learn more next week in Pittsburgh about this team.


Faith Kopeki said...

I was psyched just to be able to watch this game. I had to work at the S&K yesterday, but fortunately they had the game on so I could watch while wiping down tables. I probably smoked about 30 was awesome.

Tony said...

I like your toe nail polish, Travis.

Tony said...

Iowa needs to start Stanzi. The whole teams seems to play better when he's in the game.