Saturday, September 27, 2008

Noah arrives for the Fields Fam, OG Visits the Pumpkin Farm

Superchad the Dad. It was great to meet Noah.

OG was loving the pumpkin farm. Lots of pointing to do.

Family photo op.

We let Olivia sit in a pile of pumpkins. I wish a pile of pumpkins brought me that much joy so simply.
Jordy and OG went for a wagon ride.

They had a petting zoo too. This guy seemed like the leader. Also, with the long hair and nice horns all the girl goats want him.

They apparently love pumpkins. Convenient then, living at a pumpkin farm and all.

Olivia got to meet Noah. She didn't know quite what to think, but she liked sitting with Papa Chad.


Carrie said...

Leave it to you Travis to find a guy goat with "girl hair". Was his name Schnediger??

Travis said...

I didn't ask him his last name, but I bet you're right.

Anonymous said...

I bet his name was Young Chuck Norris and he punches and he kicks with his hoofs and his hoofs. He has studied with goat Bruce Lee who's a master of Kara-ta-ta-tee.

Great pumpkin farm pics. OG is looking good...maybe even mighty enough to push around the 40 lb pumpkin that's in her lil' cart.

Tim said...

Ok yeah this was cute blah blah blah time for a new post this has been up forever.